TinyGPU, Massive Learning, with Adam Majmudar

TinyGPU, Massive Learning, with Adam Majmudar

Discover how Adam Majmudar embarked on an exceptional journey to create the TinyGPU from scratch, with no experience in GPU design.

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Discover how Adam Majmudar embarked on an exceptional journey to create the TinyGPU from scratch, with no experience in GPU design. This insightful podcast follows Adam's process from learning to implementation, highlighting the progressive contributions of countless engineers and the accelerating role of AI in the learning journey. Experience the unfolding of GPU architecture and gain a deeper appreciation for the technology driving today's AI advancements.

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(00:00:00) Introduction
(00:04:34) Adam Majmudar
(00:07:42) Learning Resources
(00:12:11) What is the process of getting your chip back?
(00:14:38) What is the scope of the project?
(00:17:18) Sponsors: Oracle | Brave
(00:19:25) Prioritization
(00:23:19) Memory management
(00:33:19) What instructions to include?
(00:38:03) Sponsors: Squad | Omneky
(00:40:42) Registers
(00:48:29) Memory Limitations
(00:57:51) Compute Pattern
(01:01:14) Dispatcher
(01:07:50) How does it get translated into hardware?
(01:21:07) Compute Core Execution
(01:24:57) The Fetcher
(01:27:07) Memory controllers
(01:37:49) Simulating the design
(01:41:09) What did you learn?
(01:50:36) Conclusion

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