The Upside and Downside Case for AI with Nathan Labenz and Erik Torenberg

The Upside and Downside Case for AI with Nathan Labenz and Erik Torenberg

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Watch the 2nd episode, where we unpack the future of AI and what you can expect from upcoming guests on The Cognitive Revolution podcast.

Episode Notes
00:00 Coming Up
01:00 The Cognitive Revolution
01:20 Sponsor
01:39 Intro
02:09 Nathan’s path to AI
04:27 Founding Waymark
06:56 The future of AI is just starting
10:00 AI dramatically enhances human capabilities
10:50 Why we started The Cognitive Revolution and what to expect
14:55 Which guests will appear on the show and topics that will be discussed
18:59 Being replaced by an AI host
20:42 Unpacking the future of AI with “no new breakthroughs”
32:21 What’s underhyped and overhyped
43:46 The dangers of AI
44:51 Applying AI safely
52:19 Losing faith in technology
53:38 A new AI ecology
55:14 Facebook, Google and Open AI
58:00 Upside and downside case for AI
58:18 Sam Altman’s case for AI
01:09:25 Starting an AI company
01:18:22 Closing
01:18:46 Sponsor

Resources mentioned in the episode:
Eliezer Yudkowsky:
Mitch Albom’s column:

Thank you Omneky ( for sponsoring The Cognitive Revolution. Omneky is an omnichannel creative generation platform that lets you launch hundreds of thousands of ad iterations that actually work, customized across all platforms, with a click of a button. Omneky combines generative AI and real time advertising data, to generate personalized experiences at scale.

Thank you Graham Bessellieu for editing and production.

@eriktorenberg (Erik)
@labenz (Nathan)


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