The Mind-Reading Revolution with Dr. Tanishq Mathew Abraham (Part 1 of 2)

Nathan interviews Tanishq Abraham, a 19-year-old Ph.D. in biomedical engineering, discussing breakthrough fMRI-to-image research and future applications.


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Video Description

In this episode, Nathan sits down with Tanishq Mathew Abraham, 19-year-old UC Davis grad and one of the youngest people in the world to receive a Ph.D, with a degree in biomedical engineering. Tanishq is the founder of the Medical AI Research Center (MedARC), and with his teammates, recently published a paper: Reconstructions of the Mind's Eye, which encompasses their breakthrough research on reconstructing visual perceptions from fMRI scans into images. In this episode, Nathan and Tanishq talk about the technology behind the fMRI-to-image project, developing the model, and future applications for this research.

Part II with Tanishq will be released in the next episode.

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(00:00) Episode Preview
(05:43) The MindEye Project
(09:06) Resemblance between AI reconstruction of mind's eye and visual presented
(10:00) What is a voxel and which regions of the brain were studied?
(10:23) What would the raw data of a voxel be?
(11:44) Is there a time dimension to voxels?
(15:00) Sponsor: Omneky
(17:50) Goals for the MindEye project
(25:57) What is the starting point of the model?
(31:15) Aligning the model: reconstruction vs retrieval
(40:34) Would doing a full end-to-end training be fine for the reconstruction?
(42:15) The role of a limited data set
(43:09) Training separate models per subject
(45:07) Generalizability with a limited dataset
(47:20) Mapping from one high-dimensional space to another
(50:47) Stable Diffusion VAE encoding
(1:00:50) How long does it take to train the model?
(1:03:14) How similar or different are the subjects and their individual models?
(1:05:59) The future of this research: custom models for your brain?
(1:07:34) How much does this research contribute to brain research and wearables?
(1:11:15) Fuzzing data and future research applications

MindEye Paper:'s_Eye_fMRI-to-Image_with_Contrastive_Learning_and_Diffusion_Priors

@iScienceLuvr (Tanishq)
@labenz (Nathan)
@eriktorenberg (Erik)

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