The Great AI Implementation with Raza Habib of Humanloop

Raza Habib discusses the practical challenges and strategies in LLM implementation, sharing insights from various customer use cases on The Cognitive Revolution podcast.


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Video Description

Raza Habib is on the front lines of LLM implementation as CEO of Humanloop, a Y Combinator backed startup that helps companies of all kinds, small and large bridge the gap from API access to successful LLM deployment. Nathan sat down with Raza to hear what he has learned in the process of helping so many companies on their LLM implementation journeys – and he did not disappoint – as you'll hear, he shared a bunch of concrete examples of customer use cases, practical challenges that people face, and the strategies they use to overcome them.

Also, check out the Hackaprompt 2023 competition. There are $40,000 worth of cash and AI credit prizes available.  The competition begins on May 5 and will run for 3 weeks, after which we'll have the organizer Sander Schulhoff, who is also the creator of, on the show to talk about the results.

For some good weekend listening, we recommend Erik Torenberg’s interview show @UpstreamwithErikTorenberg Guests include Ezra Klein, Balaji Srinivasan, David Sacks, and Marc Andreessen. Subscribe here:

(00:00) Preview of episode
(07:00) Humanloop’s mission and surprising customer base
(12:10) Why a language model is so advantageous
(15:00) Customization and understanding model performance
(18:14) Sponsor: Omneky
(18:35) Users graduating from playground experimentation to develop robust implementations
(23:25) Raza’s two mental models for using AI
(27:50) How customers are actually integrating API
(31:50) Challenge of evaluation and feedback
(43:33) Prediction: more fine tuning in the immediate future
(47:00) RLHF myth-busting
(57:12) Robust agents need feedback loops
(1:02:27) AI productization challenges
(01:07:32) Adopt or die moment for incumbents
(01:11:19) Fast iteration cycles
(1:15:45) Rapid fire questions for The Cognitive Revolution guests

@RazRazcle (Raza)
@labenz (Nathan)

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