The AI Voice Revolution with Mahmoud Felfel of

The AI Voice Revolution with Mahmoud Felfel of

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The development of ultra-realistic human voices is upon us, and Mahmoud Felfel's is leading the next generation of text-to-voice models. In this episode we discuss the challenges and opportunities of automating a more human voice, as well as concerns about deep fakes and user safety.

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Timestamps for E10: Mahmoud Felfel of
(0:00) Preview of Mahmoud on this episode
(0:55) Sponsor:
(1:45) Nathan clones his voice using
(6:11) Why Mahmoud started and the problem they tried to solve
(13:08) The job to be done for & how they’re thinking about APIs and models
(24:45) Mahmoud breaks down the architecture of
(29:30) How the use cases have evolved
(30:00) New markets and opportunities with creators
(37:00) Are we all about to become prompt engineers/directors?
(44:50) Roadmap to other languages beyond English
(48:00) Managing the compute(52:00) If AI-generated voices becomes a commodity, what will happen?
(55:00) Why bigger companies are late adopters of AI tools
(56:30) The long-term moat of and other applications
(1:00:00) Controversial voice-cloning and potential for societal abuse
(1:10:32) Commonly abused voices
(1:12:36) Rapid fire questions

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@_mfelfel (Mahmoud)
@labenz (Nathan)

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