The AI Scouting Report: Jailbreaks and Defense

The AI Scouting Report: Jailbreaks and Defense

Nathan Labenz synthesizes recent research in mechanistic interpretability and AI safety, how top players in the space like Anthropic and OpenAI are addressing them, and jailbreaks like the Calvin and Hobbes one you may have seen online.

Nathan's aim is to impart the equivalent of a high school AP course understanding to listeners in 90 minutes. If you're looking for an ERP platform, check out our sponsor, NetSuite:

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Scouting Report Part 1 - Fundamentals :
Scouting Report Part 2 - Impact, Fallout, and Outlook:
Universal Jailbreaks with Zico Kolter, Andy Zou, Asher Trockman:

@labenz (Nathan)
@eriktorenberg (Erik)

(00:00) Episode Preview
(02:26) AI Engineer Survey
(03:53) P(Doom)
(00:07:52) Representation engineering
(00:09:20) Using contrasting prompts to understand model’s inner representations
(00:15:16) Sponsors: Netsuite | Omneky
(00:22:00) Controlling AI systems and detecting jailbreaks
(00:28:53) LLM performance and refusal rates varying by language
(00:33:13) Towards monosemanticity: decomposing language models with dictionary learning
(00:54:12) Implications of the aforementioned paper

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