The AI Safety Debates with Zvi Mowshowitz

Nathan Labenz interviews Zvi Mowshowitz on AI safety, AI discourse, and key figures in the debate. Explore clear summaries and informed insights.


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Video Description

Nathan Labenz sits down with Zvi Mowshowitz, the writer behind Don't Worry About the Vase.
Zvi is an information hyperprocessor who synthesizes vast amounts of new and ever-evolving information into extremely clear summaries that help educated people keep up with the latest news. In this episode, we cover his AI safety worldview, an overview of the AI discourse, and who really matters in the AI debate.

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(00:00) Episode Preview
(05:00) Zvi’s Introduction to AI
(07:04) Weekly 10,000+ words / Weekly newsletter
(12:34) Language models
(18:25) AI Worldview
(27:30) Probably of Due
(33:10) Inspirations for Content
(39:00) Audience for Writings
(45:25) Impactful figures’ impact
(48:55) Path of the river
(55:39) Different camps in AI discourse
(01:13:55) Acceleration Front Argument
(01:20:08) Large Language Models Today
(01:27:00) Spendings in AI
(01:36:03) Principles / Virtue Ethicism
(01:43:30) Human vs Non-human Universe
(01:47:32) AI Safety & “Doomers”
(02:02:10) Expectations of Human/AI Relationship
(02:10:30) Future of Online Laws and Ethics
(02:19:10) What do we do next?
(02:34:50) Sources for learning
(02:42:08) Conclusion

Don't Worry About the Vase:

@labenz (Nathan)
@thezvi (Zvi)
@eriktorenberg (Erik)

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