The AI Moment with Amjad Masad, Flo Crivello, Antonio Garcia Martinez, and Dan Romero

The AI Moment with Amjad Masad, Flo Crivello, Antonio Garcia Martinez, and Dan Romero

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We're sharing a special episode of the Moment of Zen podcast focused exclusively on the AI moment with hosts Dan Romero, Erik Torenberg, and Antonio Garcia Martinez, and special guests Amjad Masad of Replit and Flo Crivello of Teamflow. The debates presented in this 30-minute episode span the potential rise of the 1000x developer to analyses of which AI companies will prove enduring.

0:00 Preview of the debate
2:23 Sponsor
3:10 Flo’s take on the AI moment and AGI
5:45 Amjad’s take on the AI moment
8:03 Antonio's skepticism about transhumanism
9:10 Human tendencies color the debate about agency
11:25 The inflection point is a jump in generality
13:14 AI's effect on coding
16:57 Weakness in current models
19:18 Bounties and the future of work
21:48 Antonio's skepticism around bounties
25:00 Who will capture value, incumbents or startups?
27:26 "All knowledge work will be automated in 20 years"
30:10 Who will be the biggest beneficiaries of this shift?
31:50 What AI companies should VCs invest in?
32:26 Sponsor

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@altimor (Flo)

@dwr (Dan)

@eriktorenberg (Erik)

@labenz (Nathan)

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