The AI Copilot Revolution with Div Garg of MULTI·ON

Nathan Labenz talks with Div Garg about MULTI\u00b7ON, the first personal AI agent, discussing product strategy, user safety, and the future of AI-driven tasks.


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Video Description

Nathan Labenz interviews Div Garg, founder of MULTI·ON, the world's first personal AI agent and life copilot. Div talks about the product strategy and roadmap for the MULTI·ON browser, their natural language approach to skills, and the steps they are taking to ensure user safety. Div explains how the platform uses a critic model to detect the success or failure of tasks, and how it can be used to book flights, order food, and more. Div also talks about the future of memory systems, such as the user profile feature, and how it can be used to improve the user experience.

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(00:00) Episode preview
(06:42) AI agents applied to everyday life.
(12:03) AI-driven automation with browser extension.
(15:02) Sponsor: Omneky
(18:17) AI-driven automation of web tasks.
(23:57) Task automation and planning.
(29:43) Automate task completion with user validation.
(34:45) Lifelong learning agent with high-level skills
(40:19) Guiding users to create skills safely.
(46:53) AI assistant to simplify lives.
(53:14) Unlock parallelism with AI agents.

Div Garg;

@labenz (Nathan)
@DivGarg9 (Div)
@eriktorenberg (Erik)

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