The AI Assistant Revolution with Flo Crivello of Lindy.AI

The AI Assistant Revolution with Flo Crivello of Lindy.AI

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People have long been imagining AI assistants. Flo Crivello is turning that dream into a reality with the ambitious project Lindy AI. Flo sits down with Nathan on Lindy's announcement day to talk about this unique moment in AI, Lindy's capabilities, single-use apps, and how he sees the global impact that AI-powered employees can have on the future of work.

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(0:00) Preview
(1:05) Sponsor: Omneky
(4:50) Flo demos Lindy
(9:21) Security and user experience
(11:55) How this AI moment compares to the Industrial Revolution and single use apps
(15:00) The dream AI assistant
(19:54) Competition and advantages of startups
(24:28) Cost vs Quality
(31:19) How Lindy uses user data
(32:37) Context and data injection
(28:11) Comfort with ambiguity
(43:10) Use of guardrails and trust concerns
(47:26) AI safety and edge cases
(49:16) Impact on labor markets
(50:27) Economic resilience
(52:09) Future of work
(55:49) Rapid fire questions

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@labenz (Nathan)
@Altimor (Flo)

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