Revolutionizing Patient Care with Neal Khosla of Curai Health

Neal Khosla discusses AI's future in healthcare, patient experiences, and the global impact of AI medicine with Nathan and Erik.


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Video Description

Nathan and Erik sit down with Neal Khosla, founder of Curai Health, a venture-backed virtual care startup using AI to provide low-cost primary healthcare. Prior to his current role at Curai, Neal was a machine learning researcher at Google and Stanford. In this episode, they discuss the current state of AI in medicine, what the future patient experience may look like, and how developments in AI healthcare may interact with different regulatory and social forces across the globe.

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(00:00) Preview
(04:32) The future of AI in medicine
(12:50) Patient experience in AI-driven medicine and the current state of AI in medicine
(15:04) Sponsor: Omneky
(20:34) Building the LLM architecture for medicine
(25:25) Current state of the art for AI in medicine
(28:54) Evaluating LLM performance in medicine
(31:49) Benchmarking LLMs in medicine
(39:17) Using the Socratic method in training LLMs
(43:57) Multimodal systems and deploying multiple models in medicine
(51:30) The future of LLM creation and usage
(59:47) The interaction of AI medicine with social and regulatory forces
(01:11:00) AI adoption in countries with centralized healthcare systems
(01:13:37) How should we regulate the usage of AI in medicine?
(01:16:57) AI-first systems in medicine
(01:18:19) Is there an obligation to deploy AI in medicine in its current state?
(01:20:48) Neal’s favorite AI products
(01:22:21) Would Neal get a Neuralink implant?
(01:24:54) AI hopes and fears

@nealkhosla (Neal)
@labenz (Nathan)

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