Replit's VP of AI, Michele Catasta, on Artificial Developer Intelligence

Nathan and Replit's VP of AI, Michele Catasta, discuss AI development, custom models, and the potential of Replit as a substrate for AGI.


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Video Description

In this episode, Nathan sits down with Replit’s VP of AI, Michele Catasta. Replit is building what CEO Amjad Masad calls "the perfect substrate for AGI." In this discussion, Michele and Nathan discuss Replit's state of AI development report, advantages when it comes to AI development, and the company's custom models. If you're looking for an ERP platform, check out our sponsor, NetSuite:

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(00:00) Episode Preview
(00:00:57) Introduction
(04:44) What is artificial developer intelligence?
(15:05) Sponsors: Netsuite | Omneky
(16:58) Michele's background at Google & decision to join Replit
(19:16) Startups vs incumbents
(24:42) Whether Replit identifies as an e/acc company
(26:37) Staying apolitical on AI while being responsible
(30:36) The rise of LangChain and polarized reactions
(35:14) Estimates on developer productivity gains from AI assistance (2x-10x)
(38:35) Democratizing software development through easy customization
(44:02) AI generating disposable single-use software
(51:33) Optimism about humanity's ability to handle transformative AI
(55:01) The need for nuanced AI safety discussions
(56:14) Replit's data advantage from user code execution
(01:04:31) Replit's approach to training custom AI models
(01:08:51) The value of both open source and commercial models
(01:13:18) Michele’s highlights from being a Google researcher
(01:15:47) World knowledge needs in AI development
(01:20:37) Replit’s approach to AI safety
(01:24:28) The advantage of having a commercial model
(01:25:54) The costs of serving AI features to millions of users
(01:28:49) Modeling cost per user with AI workloads
(01:30:50) Pushing AI inference to the edge
(01:32:18) Ghostwriter integrating more deeply into Replit's IDE
(01:33:37) Replit as a potential "substrate for AGI"

Replit's State of AI Development Report:

@pirroh (Michele)
@labenz (Nathan)
@eriktorenberg (Erik)

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