OpenAI Sora, Google Gemini, and Meta with Zvi Mowshowitz

Zvi Mowshowitz discusses OpenAI's Sora, Google's Gemini, Anthropic's Sleeper Agents, and offers live player analysis in this insightful episode.


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Video Description

In this episode, Zvi Mowshowitz returns to the show to discuss OpenAI’s Sora model, Google’s Gemini announcement and why Zvi prefers Gemini to other foundation models, Anthropic’s Sleeper Agents, and more live player analysis. Try the Brave search API for free for up to 2000 queries per month at

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( - Zvi is an information hyperprocessor who synthesizes vast amounts of new and ever-evolving information into extremely clear summaries that help educated people keep up with the latest news.

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@TheZvi (Zvi)
@labenz (Nathan)

(00:00:00) - Episode Preview
(00:04:37) - Zvi’s feedback on the type of content the show should create
(00:05:33) - Zvi’s experience with Gemini
(00:09:42) - Speculating on Google Gemini’s launch timing
(00:12:54) - Advantages of Gemini
(00:16:11) - Sponsors: Brave
(00:25:00) - Speculating on Gemini 1.5 and market dynamics for foundational models.
(00:28:18) How long context windows change things
(00:30:57) - Sponsor: Netsuite | Omneky
(00:41:06) - LLM Leaderboards
(00:43:37) - Physics world modelling in OpenAI Sora
(00:57:25) - Object permanence in Sora
(01:04:40) - Experiments Zvi would run on Sora
(01:06:21) - Superalignment and Anthropic Sleeper Agent
(01:10:47) - When do agents actually start to work?
(01:16:00) - Raising the standard for AI app developers
(01:22:07) - Dangers of open soure development
(01:30:53) - The future of compact models
(01:33:58) - Superalignment
(01:53:00) - Meta
(01:54:20) - Mistral’s hold over the regulatory environment
(02:04:16) - The Impact of Chip Bans on AI Development

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