OpenAI Invests in the Self-Driving Race with John Hayes, Founder of Ghost Autonomy

John Hayes discusses Ghost Autonomy's innovative use of multimodal LLMs in self-driving cars and the landscape of autonomous vehicle technology.


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OpenAI just invested $5 million into Ghost Autonomy, a self-driving car startup. John Hayes, founder and CEO of Ghost, joins us to talk about Ghost's unique approach using multimodal LLMs so you can talk to your car, an overview of the autonomous car space and their tech stacks, and his perspective on regulatory challenges. If you need an ecommerce platform, check out our sponsor Shopify: for a $1/month trial period.

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@ghosthayes (John)

00:00:00) - Introduction to John Hayes and Ghost Autonomy's partnership with OpenAI
(00:04:30) - OpenAI’s partnership with Ghost, the journey to founding the company, and how multimodal LLMs will change self-driving cars
(00:05:03) - John's background founding Pure Storage and moving into autonomy
(00:09:37) - Classic autonomy stack built off DARPA Urban Challenge
(00:13:24) - Overview of different self-driving technology stacks (Lidar vs cameras)
(00:14:03) - Sponsors: Shopify | Omneky
(00:25:39) - Different approaches to how we know self-driving cars work well enough for public deployment
(00:27:30) - Different gradations of autonomy in the self-driving industry
(00:31:32) - Difference between Level 3 and Level 4 autonomy: assistive vs automated
(00:32:21) - Sponsors: Netsuite | Oracle
(00:34:24) - Current state of robotaxis
(00:36:24) - China’s robotaxis
(00:37:39) - Uncanny valley in the robotaxi world
(00:39:47) - Where Ghost fits into the autonomous driving landscape and their tech stack
(00:50:51) - Affordable radar systems
(00:51:54) - Ghost’s approach to interpretability
(00:53:27) - Using LLMs for driving
(00:54:59) - Partnership with OpenAI and how Ghost’s unique LLM solution to the self-driving problem
(00:57:40) - GPS’ unreliability which can be solved by multimodal approach
(01:02:31) - Hallucination is the best part of LLMs
(01:04:09) - Using maps as extended memory and storage for driving data
(01:09:20) - Ghost business model and the user experience
(01:13:30) - Talking to your car like it’s ChatGPT
(01:15:46) - Talking to our software as the next wave of human-computer interaction
(01:16:37) - OpenAI as currently the only provider of advanced multimodal models
(01:18:52) - How society feels about self-driving cars
(01:24:17) - How self-driving cars should address fear and standing up for the technology
(01:29:30) - AI: China and the US, and why China is being pushed towards self-driving
(01:31:39) - Regulators in the US are responsive to consumers
(01:32:26) - VC subsidization of self-driving
(01:33:25) - John’s widest angle outlook on the AI revolution

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Executive Producers: Amelia Salyers, and Erik Torenberg
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