OpenAI DevDay: Beyond the Headlines with Logan Kilpatrick, OpenAI's Dev Relations Lead

Logan Kilpatrick discusses GPT Store, Assistant API, custom models, and multimodal GPT at OpenAI DevDay, offering insights into the future of AI.


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Video Description

We’re deep diving into OpenAI DevDay with Logan Kilpatrick, Dev Relations Lead at OpenAI. Logan and Nathan discuss the GPT Store and GPT agents, Assistant API, custom models, finetuning, multimodal GPT, and much more. If you need an ecommerce platform, check out our sponsor Shopify: for a $1/month trial period.

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@labenz (Nathan)
@OfficialLoganK (Logan)

(00:00:00) - Episode Preview
(00:02:08) - How many startups did OpenAI kill?
(00:05:50) - Current employee count at OpenAI
(00:06:59) - OpenAI's mission being focused on developing safe AGI to benefit humanity
(00:07:10) - How the GPT Store relates to AGI and progressing agent development
(00:08:22) - OpenAI's strategy to release AI iteratively so society can adapt
(00:10:50) - Safety considerations around the OpenAI Assistant release
(00:11:30) - Capability overhangs and is the internet ready for agents?
(00:14:13) - Why certain agent capabilities like planning aren't enabled yet by OpenAI
(00:15:28) - Sponsors: Shopify | Omneky
(00:17:34) - GPT-4-1106 Preview designation
(00:21:50) - 16k fine-tuning for 3.5 Turbo
(00:25:13) - GPT-4 Finetuning and how to join the experiment
(00:27:53) - Custom models: $2-3 million pricing to build a defensible business
(00:29:48) - Bringing costs down to bring custom models to more people
(00:30:19) - Sponsors: Oracle | Netsuite
(00:33:53) - Copyright shield
(00:35:42) - OpenAI doesn’t train on data you send to the API
(00:36:37) - New modalities and low res GPT vision
(00:37:26) - GPT Vision Assessment for Aesthetics
(00:42:30) - WhisperLarge v3
(00:44:15) - Text-to-speech API: the voice strategy and AI safety
(00:49:20) - Is there an Omni API coming?
(00:50:17) - Reproducible outputs
(00:51:45) - Log probabilities coming soon
(00:53:45) - The evolution of plugins to GPTs: the challenges with plugins
(00:55:33) - GPT Instructions, expanded knowledge, and actions
(01:00:18) - How is auth handled with GPTs
(01:01:04) - Hybrid auth
(01:02:50) - GPT Assistant API Billing
(01:07:58) - AI Safety: redteaming and efforts that went into the release
(01:10:28) - OpenAI Jailbreaks and Bug Bounties
(01:11:57) - The OpenAI roadmap for a year from now

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