OpenAI, Anthropic, and Meta | Analyzing the AI Frontier with Zvi

Nathan Labenz and Zvi Mowshowitz discuss AI's intelligence, live player analysis, and the role of red teaming in an in-depth conversation.


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Video Description

This isn't news, it's analysis! Nathan Labenz sits down for an with Zvi Mowshowitz, the writer behind Don't Worry About the Vase to talk about the major players in AI over the last few months. In this extended conversation, Nathan and Zvi debate if AI has attained the intelligence of a well-read college graduate (per OpenAI's Jan Leike), a live player analysis, and the role of independent red teaming organizations. If you're looking for an ERP platform, check out our sponsor, NetSuite:

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( - Zvi is an information hyperprocessor who synthesizes vast amounts of new and ever-evolving information into extremely clear summaries that help educated people keep up with the latest news.

(00:00) Episode preview
(03:15) Is AI as intelligent as a college grad?
(07:45) Memories and context processing
(15:45) Sponsor: NetSuite | Omneky
(17:13) Is AI as intelligent as a college grad? cont'd
(20:47) Strengths and weaknesses of AI vs human
(31:05) OpenAI Superalignment
(37:23) The relationship between OpenAI and Anthropic
(44:31) Anthropic's security recommendations and adversarial attacks
(50:50) Is OpenAI using a constitutional AI approach?
(01:01:26) Context and stochastic parrots
(01:10) Is more context better?
(01:15:29) Should Nathan work at Anthropic?
(01:21:35) Google DeepMind's RT-2
(01:27:47) Multi-modal Med-PaLM
(01:31:50) Speculating about Gato
(01:35:10) Skepticism about Med-PaLM usage in radiology
(01:41:37) Llama 2 - what is going on at Meta??
(01:51:14) Llama 2 vs other models
(01:55:29) Who are the live players?
(02:01:38) China's AI developments
(02:02:41) Character AI and inflection
(02:05:26) Replit as the perfect substrate for AGI
(02:10) AI girlfriends
(02:18:53) AI safety: The White House
(02:25:43) Bottlenecks to progress
(02:35:27) Can new players influence AI policy?
(02:39:00) Liabilities
(02:47:54) Independent red teaming organizations
(02:57:18) Mechanistic interpretability

- Zvi's blog:
- Google's RT-2:
- Llama 2:
- Adversarial attacks paper:

- AI Safety Debates with Zvi
- Mechanistic Interpretability with Arthur Conmy
- Med-PaLM with Vivek Natarajan

@labenz (Nathan)
@thezvi (Zvi)
@eriktorenberg (Erik)

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