Mamba-Palooza: 90 Days of Mamba-Inspired Research with Jason Meaux: Part 1

Nathan and AI scout Jason Meaux explore the first 90 days of Mamba-inspired research, from its architecture to multi-modal applications. A comprehensive look at this groundbreaking AI technology.

Mamba-Palooza: 90 Days of Mamba-Inspired Research with Jason Meaux: Part 1

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In this first part of a two episode series, Nathan and AI scout Jason Meaux provide a sweeping overview of the first 90 days of Mamba-inspired research. They discuss the mechanistic underpinnings of Mamba architecture, Mamba's context capabilities, multi-modal applications in image segmentation and computer vision tasks, and much more. Try the Brave search API for free for up to 2000 queries per month at

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Watch first episode on automating circuit board design here: @AutopilotwithWillSummerlin

Show Notes and Paper Links:

Nathan's First Mamba Deep Dive:

@labenz (Nathan)


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(00:00) - Episode Start
(00:05:16) - Intro to Jason Meaux
(00:15:08) - Sponsors: Oracle | Omneky
(00:26:42) - Mamba Learning Theory
(00:29:42) - Othello Mamba
(00:30:05) - Sponsors: Brave | On Deck
(00:46:25) - Can Mamba Learn How to Learn
(01:08:20) - MoE Mamba and Black Mamba

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