Looking Up The AI Exponential with Azeem Azhar of The Exponential View

Nathan and Azeem Azhar explore startups driving disruption, AI retraining, AGI predictions, and AI governance in a thought-provoking conversation.


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Video Description

In this conversation, Nathan is joined by Azeem Azhar, founder and writer of the Exponential View. They discuss why startups are likely to drive the true disruption in the industry, what forward thinking leaders are doing today to retrain their teams for AI, why Azeem agrees with Sam Altman’s comments that AGI will likely arrive soon, new governance mechanisms for the AI age, and more. Try the Brave search API for free for up to 2000 queries per month at https://brave.com/api

Exponential View: https://www.exponentialview.co/
Exponential Age, written by Azeem Azhar: https://www.amazon.com/Exponential-Age-Digital-Revolution-Rewire/dp/1635769094

@labenz (Nathan)


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(00:00) Episode Preview
(02:34) The Great Embedding: predictions for the future of AI
(40:45) The concept of transition and the role of big banks and tech companies
(42:13) The adoption of AI in large companies and its impact
(44:47) The potential disruption of industries by AI
(47:12) The future of AI: Opportunities and challenges
(01:18:02) The benefits and challenges of bot-to-bot communication
(01:20:54) The future of AI: Opportunities and threats
(01:22:53) The role of governance in AI development
(01:26:06) The impact of AI on society and economy
(01:28:59) The potential risks of decentralized AI systems
(01:33:23) The future of AI: A discussion on control and capabilities
(01:39:39) The role of trust and responsibility in AI development
(01:43:40) The future of AI: Predictions and preparations
(01:46:57) The importance of public trust in AI technology
(01:51:16) The need for checks and balances in AI development
(01:53:42) The role of government and academia in AI development

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