Lindy AI Founder Flo Crivello on Biden's Executive Order and AI Safety

In this episode, Flo Crivello, founder of Lindy AI, joins Nathan to chat about President Biden’s executive order, and the state of AI safety. They discuss Flo’s thoughts on the executive order, building AGI kill switches, self driving cars, and more.

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NVIDIA’s Eureka:

@labenz (Nathan)
@Altimor (Flo)


(00:00) Episode Preview
(00:06:42) The natural order of technological progress
(00:07:00) Self driving cars
(00:10:57) Where is Flo accelerationist?
(00:12:34) Artificial intelligence as a new form of life
(00:17:08) - Sponsors: Oracle | Omneky
(00:18:05) Silicon-based intelligence vs carbon-based intelligence
(00:24:36) Executive Order
(00:29:32) How would a GPU kill switch work?
(00:31:24) “Let’s not regulate model development, but applications”
(00:32:08) - Sponsor: Netsuite
(00:36:00) GPT-4 is the most critical component for AGI
(00:38:00) AGI in 2-8 years
(00:39:26) Eureka moment from a general system
(00:48:00) AI research with China
(00:52:00) Does AI have subjective experience? The Mu response

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