Keeping the AI Revolution on the Rails with Shreya Rajpal of Guardrails AI

Nathan Labenz interviews Shreya Rajpal on Guardrails AI, enhancing code reliability between language models and deterministic systems in software development.


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Video Description

Nathan Labenz sits down with Shreya Rajpal, the creator of Guardrails AI, a new Python library that allows developers to add a layer of output, validation and correction to their code. Practically guardrails can ensure a reliable interface between language models and more traditional deterministic software systems. At the same time, mind bending and potentially risky use case frameworks like Guardrails allow developers to ask and answer entirely new kinds of questions.

Talking to Shreya really reinforced just how early we are in LLM’s impact on the software industry. We were introduced to Shreya’s work when recording our interview with Matt Welsh, the CEO of Fixie.AI (featured in Ep 19: ).

Guardrails AI:

Upstream: @UpstreamwithErikTorenberg

(00:00) Episode preview
(05:00) Why Shreya built Guardrails AI
(08:33) Common ways LMs can “go off the rails” and how Guardrails can correct it
(13:45) Discussion of validators
(15:31) Sponsor: Omneky
(18:48) Business and creative use cases of Guardrails AI
(25:00) What can be achieved by Guardrails AI that cannot be achieved by traditional code
(32:44) How agents work vs how Guardrails works
(35:34) AI as shepherd vs delegating to AI and the role of human understanding
(39:54) Trust deficit and risks
(46:33) Is it realistic to imagine GPT-4 using Guardrails?
(52:00) How Shreya thinks about security
(57:02) How Shreya thinks about embeddings
(1:05:05) How Shreya thinks about problemsolving with LMs
(1:07:50) Shreya on OpenAI’s Evals Library, Anthropic’s Constitutional AI
(1:12:55) Discussion of determinism
(1:15:00) Recommendations for developers to minimize overhead
(1:26:00) Predictions about providers in the space of LMs
(1:29:30) Shreya’s favorite AI tools
(1:30:00) Would Shreya get a neuralink implant
(1:31:50) Biggest hopes and fears for AI

@ShreyaR (Shreya)
@labenz (Nathan)
@eriktorenberg (Erik)

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