Inside China's AI Ecosystem: A View From Beijing

In this episode, we explore the Chinese AI ecosystem with 'L-squared,' an anonymous tech worker based in Beijing. We discuss major players, model quality, public engagement, regulation, and the US 'chip ban.'

Inside China's AI Ecosystem: A View From Beijing

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Testing Chinese models: Yi-34B-Chat (made by Kai-Fu Lee's team 01.AI) can be tried out via Replicate or Hugging Face. You can also use the ChatGLM playground and Baidu's ERNIE without a Chinese SIM card.

Benchmarking models: SuperCLUE is one of the most prominent benchmarks - the latest results are on GitHub and the paper explaining the methodology is here.

Regulation: Explainer from Matt Sheehan; piece on how genAI regs are affecting Chinese companies.

US-China competition: Jeff Ding's work on the diffusion deficit in S&T; Bloomberg piece on Huawei's semiconductor development efforts.

Staying up to date: Sign up to alerts from CSET's Scout tool; subscribe to Concordia AI's AI safety in China newsletter.

A 2016 profile on Microsoft Research Asia by Wang Jingjing, covered in Jeff Ding's ChinAI newsletter.


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(00:00) Introduction
(07:24) China's AI Ecosystem
(13:40) Public AI Engagement
(17:33) Sponsors : OCI / Omneky
(18:50) AI Tools Comparison
(35:37) Sponsors : Brave / Squad / Plumb
(39:14) AI Regulatory Maze
(51:02) AI Performance, Censorship
(55:28) Chinese AI Regulations
(01:04:37) Tech, Research Role
(01:12:11) Global AI Ecosystem
(01:23:22) Cultural AI Perspectives
(01:29:14) AI Safety, Cooperation

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