How AI Agents Will Change How We Work with Matt Welsh of

Matt Welsh of Fixie.AI discusses the transformative potential of AI agents in automating cognitive tasks and implementation details for developers.


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Video Description

Nathan Labenz sits down with Matt Welsh, the CEO and co-founder of Fixie.AI which just raised $17M in seed funding. The technology world's attention has turned en masse to AI agents over the last month, but Matt has been focused on AI agents for longer over at Fixie. The platform is currently in developer preview mode, where developers can build agents and end users can try them.
Agents hold the promise of handling not only the core cognitive work, but many of the messy implementation details as well – the searching & finding, sorting through & scanning, signing in & navigating, reading documentation & using APIs – all the manual ad hoc routing of information for which we act today as human plumbing.

(00:00) Preview of the episode
(02:08) Why AI Agents are so topical right now, and Matt's prescience with Fixie
(06:40) How Matt started Fixie
(10:55) How AI Agents "figure out the plumbing"
(15:57) How Matt envisions work changing in the near term + concrete examples
(22:40) Building your own agent
(26:00) New threat model and guardrails of this new paradigm
(34:48) Synthetic memories in autonomous agents
(42:39) Examples of incredible use cases
(48:00) Single sign on idea
(51:00) Form factor for AI-assisted living
(54:32) Matt's hopes and fears for AI

@mdwelsh (Matt)
@labenz (Nathan)
@eriktorenberg (Erik)

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