Helping Businesses Use AI with Rachel Woods of The AI Exchange

Nathan Labenz interviews Rachel Woods on AI strategy and its application in business, highlighting her experience and insights as an AI educator and consultant.


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Video Description

Nathan Labenz sits down with Rachel Woods, founder of The AI Exchange, an AI education platform with over 130,000 subscribers on TikTok. They discuss Rachel’s experience consulting for public and private companies on AI strategy, how teams should think about their AI strategy, and how Rachel uses AI in her own business. Rachel was previously a data scientist at Meta, and a founder of a venture-backed e-commerce startup, where she began to use chatGPT in her startup operations.

This episode is the second in a series centered on talking to rising voices in AI media: people who are now only working overtime to understand everything going on in AI, but also creating thought leadership and educational content meant to help others get up to speed as well.


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(00:00) Episode preview
(02:59) Rachel Woods’ story
(04:30) State of the public who comes across videos
(9:49): How do you frame AI to business owners and how should they use it?
(15:29) Sponsor: Omneky
(18:58) How should teams set up their AI strategy for success?
(26:41) The leap from GPT 3.5 to GPT-4
(30:42) Step changes of AI and public perception of capabilities
(35:17) Common misconceptions people have about AI
(36:22) How Rachel uses AI in her business
(44:09) What’s your style of prompt engineering for content creation?
(46:01) How AI will change the way we use a computer in the next year?
(49:34) Bing launch and how companies launch AI products
(54:15) AI safety and restraint
(1:00:11) Alpaca and LLaMA
(1:04:16) Rachel’s favorite products in AI
(1:05:24) Would Rachel get a Neuralink implant?
(1:07:55) AI hopes and fears

@labenz (Nathan)
@eriktorenberg (Erik)
@rachel_l_woods (Rachel)

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