Gunning for Google with Perplexity CEO Aravind Srinivas

Aravind Srinivas discusses Perplexity AI's growth, favorite use cases, and strategies for competing in the AI search engine market against tech giants.


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Video Description

In this episode, Aravind Srinivas of Perplexity AI returns to the show. They discuss Perplexity’s growth to millions of queries per day, CEO Aravind’s favourite Perplexity use cases, and how Perplexity ships fast in a competitive landscape against Google and major AI live players creating their own search engines. If you're looking for an ERP platform, check out our sponsor, NetSuite:

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@AravSrinivas (Aravind)
@eriktorenberg (Erik)

- Perplexity AI:

(00:00:00) - Episode Preview
(00:01:12) - Introducing Aravind Srinivas and Perplexity AI
(00:05:05) - Perplexity's growth to millions of queries per day
(00:06:21) - Perplexity's retention and market share vs. ChatGPT
(00:08:32) - Improving reliability, speed, accuracy, and new features
(00:10:33) - Getting to daily usage from weekly usage
(00:13:21) - Aravind's favorite Perplexity use cases
(00:18:34) - Issues with lack of sufficient web coverage for hard queries
(00:18:38) - Sponsors: Netsuite | Omneky
(00:23:13) - Building their own search index and models for self-sufficiency
(00:26:29) - Using their own index vs real-time web queries
(00:28:43) - Integrating default search and Copilot companion experiences
(00:31:49) - Training their own models as the only viable long-term option
(00:36:56) - The web becoming more like an API accessed via AI assistants
(00:41:23) - Not trying to copy Google's business model
(00:44:36) - Spending more on compute than people to get scale efficiencies
(00:49:35) - Replacing all parts of the stack with their own proprietary versions
(00:53:59) - Shipping fast out of necessity in a competitive war zone
(00:58:00) - AI assistants becoming a significant part of human digital activity

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