Breaking Boundaries: AI CoScientist to Accelerate Science Research with Gabe Gomes, Professor at CMU

Nathan and Gabe Gomes discuss Coscientist, an AI that designs and executes chemistry experiments, aiming to democratize and accelerate scientific research.


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Video Description

In this episode, Nathan sits down with Gabe Gomes, Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, and researcher behind Coscientist: the first non-organic, intelligent being to design, plan, and execute a chemistry experiment. They discuss how Coscientist allows scientists to use natural language to control remote experiments on Emerald Cloud Lab, how it will democratize scientific knowledge, and accelerate the pace of research. If you need an ecommerce platform, check out our sponsor Shopify: for a $1/month trial period.

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Autonomous Chemical Research with Large Language Models:

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@labenz (Nathan)
@gabepgomes (Gabe)

(00:00:00) - Episode Intro
(00:05:00) - Introduction Gabe Gomes, his research
(00:15:02) - Emerald Cloud Labs for remote chemical experimentation
(00:15:18) - Sponsor: Shopify
(00:22:40) - How AI is addressing the pain point of chemistry research
(00:29:12) - Sponsors: Netsuite | Omneky
(00:31:00) - Democratizing science and access to chemistry techniques
(00:38:00) - Modular CoScientist architecture
(00:46:00) - The power of CoScientist to address more than just chemistry
(01:17:00) - The explosion of the context window
(01:30:00) - AI Safety
(01:45:00) - How is Copilot already helping expedite chemistry and scientific research?

#chemistry #scientist

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