AI Scouting Report: NOT Investment Advice Edition

AI Scouting Report: NOT Investment Advice Edition

Tune in to this special episode of the Cognitive Revolution for AI scouting report.

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Tune in to this special episode of the Cognitive Revolution for AI scouting report. We cover the state of the art in AI applications for medicine, key AI concepts, and how these technologies could influence society.

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(00:00:00) Introduction
(00:06:13) Current State of the Art
(00:08:34) Medicine
(00:13:49) AI limitations
(00:17:01) AI capabilities
(00:17:02) Sponsors: Oracle | Brave
(00:19:09) How AI works
(00:24:05) Information processing
(00:28:51) Curated data sets
(00:32:52) Sponsors: Squad | Omneky
(00:34:38) Transformer
(00:37:11) Scaling
(00:39:59) Emergence
(00:44:03) Grokking
(00:50:30) Best practices for business
(00:53:38) Live Players
(00:58:33) What to Watch
(01:00:35) Final Thoughts

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