AI Friends, Real Relationships with Eugenia Kuyda, Replika's Founder & CEO

Nathan and Eugenia Kuyda discuss Replika's role in mental health, based on Stanford's research, and the evolving interactions between users and their AI companions.


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Video Description

Note: This conversation contains themes of suicidal ideation, in the context of academic research. Please watch from (21:41) onwards if you would like to skip past this content.

In this conversation, Nathan sits down with Eugenia Kuyda, Replika's Founder and CEO. They discuss recent research published in Nature conducted by Stanford on Replika user interactions, how Replika is providing their users with a relationship they can trust and confide in, what Eugenia has found surprising about the evolution of how people are interacting with their Replikas, and much more. Try the Brave search API for free for up to 2000 queries per month at

- Loneliness and suicide mitigation for students using GPT3-enabled chatbots:
- Eugenia Kuyda Part 1:

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@ekuyda (Eugenia)
@labenz (Nathan)

(00:00) Preview and summary
(06:41 The evolution of Replika
(08:11) Defining the main goal of Replika
(09:54) Nature published study by Stanford on Replika and mental health
(14:20) Methodology for the research on Replika users
(15:19) Sponsor - Brave Search API
(19:46) Replika providing people with a relationship they can trust and confide in
(23:20) How people are relating and reacting to their AI Replikas
(25:49) Stuffed animal analogy
(28:20) What people come to Replika for
(30:29) Sponsor - Netsuite | Omneky
(32:03) How malleable are people’s expectations for their Replika?
(36:54) The evolution of how people are interacting with Replika
(44:49) Putting Replika on device
(46:59) Underappreciated or developed aspects of AI development
(56:11) The relationship people have with their Replika is a moat
(1:08:46) Building AI to memorialize people after they passed: what are the ethics?

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