AI Agents, VC Insights on AI, and Building in Public, with Yohei Nakajima, Creator of BabyAGI

Yohei Nakajima discusses AI's potential to enhance human understanding and shares insights on investing in AI projects on the Cognitive Revolution podcast.


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Video Description

In this episode, Yohei Nakajima, creator of BabyAGI and GP at Untapped Capital, chats with Nathan about the opportunity for AI to strengthen human understanding, AI agents, and his insights on investing in AI projects. If you need an ecommerce platform, check out our sponsor Shopify: for a $1/month trial period.

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Yohei's site:
Yohei's Build in Public log:

@labenz (Nathan)
@yoheinakajima (Yohei)

(00:00:00) - Episode Preview
(00:10:59) - A large part of AI is trying to map human cognitive processes onto our software stack
(00:11:14) - Yohei’s TED AI talk: the opportunity for AI to strengthen human understanding
(00:13:29) - Yohei's journey to build AI projects and building in public
(00:14:04) - Yohei's lifelong interest in building tools and automating workflows for efficiency
(00:16:29) - Sponsors: Netsuite | Omneky
(00:22:05) - Building projects as a fun and exploratory practice
(00:23:53) - Single use software
(00:24:18) - Yohei’s home assessment price contesting project
(00:24:58) - The origins of BabyAGI as an autonomous startup founder prototype
(00:27:44) - Create as many paper clips as possible
(00:30:10) - Thoughts on going all in on a project and turning it into a company vs pursuing it on the side
(00:33:00) - Forking different versions of Baby AGI based on animal names
(00:34:24) - Yohei’s learnings about agents after iterating on six versions of Baby AGI
(00:36:24) - Yohei’s thoughts on generalist agents
(00:37:28) - Replit
(00:40:54) - Begin exploring AI automation with tasks you wish you had time for, not critical workflows
(00:42:32) - Automating outbound sales and recruiting workflows with AI
(00:46:19) - Where should people start learning about AI agents?
(00:48:23) - Will agents come online with GPT-4V?
(00:52:40) - The unique moment where both executives and engineers both want to implement AI
(00:54:59) - AI layers: hardware, software, tooling
(00:57:20) - Taxonomy of AI business models
(01:10:47) - Designing AI to provide value for senior citizens
(01:15:14) - The responsibility to nudge people positively with influential AI assistants
(01:19:24) - Advice on when and how startups should build in public
(01:22:24) - Perspective on existential risk from AI vs. its potential benefits
(01:15:30) - Responsibility to handle AI-human emotional connections well
(01:19:24) - Advice on when and how startups should build in public
(01:22:24) - Perspective on existential risk from AI vs. its potential benefits

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