AI Abundance: a16z Partners Justine Moore and Anish Acharya Forecast a New Era for Consumers

a16z partners discuss their AI Abundance Agenda, focusing on AI's role in creativity, productivity, companionship, wellness, and growth.


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Video Description

In this episode, a16z partners Justine Moore and Anish Acharya join Nathan to discuss the AI Abundance Agenda, their latest consumer AI thesis. They discuss the intersection of weird and working, and their investment pillars in AI for creativity and productivity, companionship, and wellness and growth. Try the Brave search API for free for up to 2000 queries per month at

Read a16z’s AI Abundance Agenda here:

Justine's Deep Dive on AI Subreddits:

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@labenz (Nathan)
@venturetwins (Justine)
@illscience (Anish)

00:00) Intro and summary
(06:29) Introduction to the Abundance Agenda
(09:21) AI reducing administrative overhead
(09:40) Relationships and companionship
(10:30) Wellness and personal growth
(11:24 The intersection of weird and working: why weird sometimes works
(13:24) How AI helps the pro consumer
(15:17) Sponsor | Brave Search API
(20:47) Where do Justine and Anish discover new AI products
(23:25) The best AI subreddits
(27:16) High NPS churn vs Low NPS Churn
(28:30) AI Bundle: how it would work
(29:34) Sponsor | Netsuite + Omneky
(32:01) AI CMO or AI operated back office
(33:40) Best AI image to video products
(34:53) Why there aren’t currently APIs for AI video products
(39:12) AI email composition will be tackled by an incumbent rather than a startup
(39:47) The rise of voice-first due to AI
(40:40) Startups vs incumbents - 80:20 value capture for startups
(41:41) Salesforce vs a startup AI CRM
(45:07) Creating artistically opinionated models using fine tuning
(47:42) Why isn’t there a push for AI doctors?
(51:46) AI mental health apps
(55:00) Frameworks for designing non-predatory AI
(56:51) Proxy metric for evaluating companion AI products
(59:48) Media literacy and intuition for the next generation around AI
(1:00:20) Request for startups from Justine and Anish

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