Advancements in AI: Updating the Scouting Report, Task Automation, and Google Breakthroughs

Explore the latest in AI with Nathan Labenz and Erik Torenberg, including updates to the Scouting Report and insights from Google researchers.


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Video Description

Join Nathan Labenz and Erik Torenberg as they analyze the last month in AI advancements. Nathan takes us through the meaningful updates to his Scouting Report (released last month, linked below), discusses highlights from recent episodes of The Cognitive Revolution, and gives us a sneak peek at upcoming interviews with Google researchers. If you're looking for an ERP platform, check out our sponsor, NetSuite:

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(00:00) Episode Preview
(01:00) How does the AI Scouting Report hold up a few weeks later?
(03:29) Zvi’s feedback on Nathan’s Tale of the Cognitive Tape
(10:25) The universal LLM jailbreak and adversarial examples
(12:53) Human performance is much more variable than AI performance
(14:45) Sponsors: NetSuite | Omneky
(16:09) Nathan’s AI Task Automation: What are good targets for tasks that can be automated for average businesses?
(20:05) Is GPT-4 getting worse or better?
(22:00) Getting explicit about what good looks like
(24:00) Prompting best practices are very accessible
(26:35) Ghostwriting - and the art of the hook
(28:05) Live Players: Which companies have say so over how the future goes?
(31:10) Upcoming guests from Google AI
(35:40) Possible post-transformer architectures

3 Blue 1 Brown on YouTube:
Tale of the Cognitive Tape in Part 1 of the Scouting Report:
Analyzing the Frontier with Zvi Mowshowitz:
Tyler Cowen’s Interview with Jonathan Swift:

@labenz (Nathan)
@eriktorenberg (Erik)

SPONSORS: NetSuite | Omneky
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