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What is AI's actual product?! | The Cognitive Revolution Podcast

The reason why Google is as good as it is is not because its AI is so amazing, it's because they literally have the entire world typing what they want. It was always the data side and never the actual algorithm. Algorithms aren't particularly defensible.

At the end of the day, AI isn't a product any more than linear regression is. You actually have to apply it to something to create something that someone will pay you for. And that's where I kind of don't quite get a little bit of the AI hype. Like, where is the actual product?

If Google can't actually find a way to turn that into actual cash, and a lot of these companies are actually basically thinly veiled prompt UIs on chatGPT then what is the actual product?

Antonio Gracia Martinez exercising his concerns about the AI hype on The Cognitive Revolution podcast.