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E7: In Search of Truth w/ Aravind Srinivas of Perplexity AI

We talked to Aravind Srinivas about competing with the tech giants, Perplexity’s product philosophy and obsession with maximizing value delivered to the user per unit time, and the features that make Perplexity unique.

(0:00) Preview
(1:31) Introduction & Context
(08:06) Aravind’s vision for Perplexity as the world’s most truth-centric company
(9:29) Raising the average IQ of the world(12:00) Aravind’s favorite tech entrepreneur
(15:12) “Anthropics” - Building your own model vs user experience
(33:00) Why is perplexity free(43:00) Talking shop: Perplexity’s tech stack and speed
(1:06:00) Perplexity’s stance on guardrails on search
(1:19:48) Forecasting weakly general AGI: The four criteria
(1:28:00) Aravind’s perspective on OpenAI and the future of AGI
(1:39:00) The Cognitive Revolution’s rapid fire questions: Neuralink implant? Most used AI tools? AI hopes and fears?

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