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Insightful for experts and intermediate ai theorists

Welcome to the beginning of the end. This is your front row ticket. The show actually made me cry, made me realize how different the world is about to be. How difficult/impossible it is to predict/understand the change. I’ve been following the ai space since Less Wrong in 2015. I Knew it was coming but now its here I guess. The cognitive revolution Good luck to us all

Best AI podcast

As a long time follower of the space this podcast hits just right in many ways. The hosts are extremely knowledgeable and use their expertise to craft excellent questions and give their guests room to feel comfortable enough to share truly deep thoughts about this whole thing. The quality of both the guests and hosts is top notch and I’m really looking forwarding to the next episode.

Great guests and content; hosts talk too much

Topics, guests, and even the questions are great! But could be better if the hosts were more concise. Sometimes seems like they want to sound smart or show the guest they know something, rather than giving relevant background that supports a probing question. Or could just use better editing.


This is the first AI podcast that’s really hooked me and compelled me to share w friends. The combo of forward-looking, more technical components (which I’ve found a bit tough to find elsewhere) with some broader questions is awesome, definitely recommend!

As an artist I am extremely excited

I have sooo many ideas as an artist. Words in my head describing what I want to see. So this is perfect. My own little assistant to help me decide which idea is worth me spending my time creating.