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March 6, 2023

E1: The Pixel Revolution with Playground AI's Suhail Doshi

Hey Cogs,

We are fortunate to be friends with Suhail Doshi, founder of Playground AI, Mixpanel and Mighty, and interview him on the first episode of The Cognitive Revolution to explore the rapidly evolving world of AI image creation software, including the latest advancements and their impact on the future of art and design.


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Notable Quotes

  1. “Google is terrified make like any change in search, yields goes down and they lose billions of dollars.” - on Google’s risk aversion

  2. “Right now what we want to do is combine great research and product design to invent a new kind of creative tool. An extremely strong creative tool that lets you make any an image that you can imagine.”

  3. “Many companies are going after language. We're going after the domain and modality of pixels. We’re trying to make a large language image model.” - on Suhail’s vision for Playground

  4. “A.I. research takes like ten times longer than building a web app”

    Greg Brockman (@gdb), Co-Founder and Preseident of OpenAI
  5. “The long term [goal] would be to build something that can edit, create, edit and understand pixels.”

  6. “I do think AI art is art.” - this got Suhail cancelled by the non-AI art community

  7. “People just feel really threatened that there's this new thing that makes them feel obsolete.” 

  8. “Apple is the greatest institution in the world. They have proven users know what good design looks like, feels like, you know, they can tell the difference.”

    Suhail references this Simpsons’ moment to describe what makes good design
  9. “It's like that moment in mobile where it was the Wild West gold rush and nobody had any clue what was going to work. And so you get thousands, tens of thousands, of experiments occurring simultaneously. You end up with things that grow really rapidly and then fall out of relevance and some things have really good retention and incredible lasting power for a decade, like Uber. So it feels like that will happen again with AI.”

  10. “We give people a thousand free images to generate a day. And we picked a thousand because it was the 90th percentile when there were no limits. And yet, our hardcore power users hit our limit very rapidly.” 

  11. “Some of my kid's best friends will be AI things and that'll just be so weird to me.”

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Meaningful Links

Image (Playground AI)

Prompt: blasted martian Alberto Seveso rusted charred moonscape

Next episode will feature ReplikaAI founder Eugenia Kuyda and goes deep into: “Can AI Have Empathy?” — it will drop Friday February 17th.

Until next time.